When it is necessary to get a glossy surface of metal, use a decorative type of processing, called polishing. Depending on the required cleanliness of the surface treatment, the files are used, grinding in abrasive circles. If you want to bring the polishing to shine – apply polishing with fedora, cotton discs and electrochemical way.

Electropolation, essence and purpose

It is a separate type of polishing of metal surfaces with the help of anode treatment. When the electric current is applied, the polished parts and electrolyte react chemically, which reduces the roughness, the smoothness of the surfaces is brought to shine. This method is used for:

  • giving a glossy sheen;
  • Elimination of small scratches;
  • The shards;
  • Preparing parts surfaces for galvanic coatings;
  • Increase the sliding of different materials on the treated surface;
  • improving the physical, chemical characteristics of the metal.

Stainless alloys are difficult to polish mechanically. The stainless-steel electro-flooring makes it cheap to get a shiny surface on a 1-2 class cleaner, and five times faster than when polished mechanically.

This method is especially handy when bringing to shine surfaces of a complex configuration, with notches and cavities.

The benefits of electric polishing

The versatility, simplicity and speed of this type of processing is the reason for its popularity. Substantial damage is often removed by mechanical polishing, and the specified purity of final treatment is achieved by electropolation.

The benefits of the method include:

  • Extensive scope of application;
  • High performance
  • The simplicity of the equipment
  • Increase the degree of connection of galvanopes to the surface;
  • Removal of labor-intensive mechanical polishing from the technology;
  • Improving the properties of metals, corrosion resistance, exposure to alkaline, acids;
  • No burrs, traces of welds;
  • independence from the viscosity and strength of the metal;
  • increase the durability of parts.

Electropolation of stainless steel, aluminum, solid alloys or hardened cemented steel does not require laborious, long-term effort, provides the necessary class of clean processing.

As the finishing stage of the manufacture of molds, devices, parts of the required class of clean processing resort to electric polishing.