Fraser works

One of the most common ways to process different materials by cutting is milling. It involves the use of milling equipment and special tools called cutters. Among the services for metal processing, our company professionally performs milling work on metal to order.

The production sites use modern precision equipment, allowing you to quickly and efficiently produce the most complex parts in any batches.

Fraser metalworking

Special metal milling services allow you to get details of a complex three-dimensional configuration. Vertical-fraser machines, high-tech equipment with CNC are often used in manufacturing. It performs milling operations:

  • The holes of a complex shape;
  • smooth, curly planes oriented horizontally, vertically or at an angle;
  • zenkers;
  • type. To get unique surface drawings;
  • replacing the cutters on one operation.

Our drawing-based technologists are developing the process of making parts using different types of cutters. The quality of the work depends on:

  • The specifications of the machines
  • The type of tools used
  • Training of engineers developing equipment;
  • Miller qualifications.

Operators-millers of our company with high discharges perform milling work on machines with CNC, ordinary machines, orders of enterprises, individuals, commercial firms. In the arsenal of equipment of our company there are engraving-fraser machines with CNC, allowing to produce unique parts without waste, quickly and inexpensively.

For whom we do milling work

The scope of the work we have done is difficult to delineate unequivocally. In our practice there are orders for manufacturing:

  • elements of internal, outdoor advertising products, stamps, matrix for advertising agencies;
  • Exhibition equipment of various enterprises;
  • layouts, finish details from construction companies;
  • fittings, decor, furniture facades;
  • doors, cashiers, balustrades in carpentry;
  • Snap businesses of souvenirs;
  • Unique things
  • parts for models of aircraft, automotive, radio-controlled vehicles;
  • Equipping printing houses;
  • milling and engraving works for jewelers, designers and even confectioners.

On our equipment, the processing is subject to large, medium, small blanks. High staff qualifications, technological equipment, responsibility to customers guarantee absolute compliance with the accuracy of performance, quality of processing and timing of work.

Why it's good to work with us

The level of training of performers, the class of equipment and tools allow us to order the manufacture of complex, unique projects at our company. We do not allow marriage in work, reduce waste to a minimum. This has a positive effect on the cost of the product when it is of the same quality.

Ordering milling metal from us, you can:

  • Use well-made parts, equipment, components;
  • Save at all stages of cooperation;
  • Develop your own business
  • to get benefits without spending on buying, maintaining, repairing expensive equipment.

We offer a large list of milling works with the same quality. Use our potential to your advantage.