Metal treatment

Metal processing (metal processing) is the process of influencing metal blanks by physical, temperature or chemical methods. They resort to metal processing in cases where you need to change the specific parameters of the material, give the product or design certain properties and characteristics, and protect them from possible impacts in the future. Vulcanus offers metal processing in Moscow at good prices and with a guarantee.

Basic types of metalworking

Depending on the purpose and conditions of application, the requirements for materials, parts and metal structures may vary. Different ways allow you to change the size, shape, texture of the surface layer, strengthen or level certain properties of a particular material or alloy. It is the correctness of the choice of the method of metal processing and the accuracy of the process of execution depends on the reliability, durability and functional viability of the finished product!

Among the available methods of metal processing more often than others order the following:

  • Casting is the manufacture of parts and blanks by casting molten metals and alloys into special shapes.
  • Pressure processing – rolling, forging, dragging, stamping and pressing – are ways that change shape with minimal (or no) material losses.
  • Mechanical processing – drilling, pounding, cutting, strodging and grinding, processes that change the geometry of the blank.
  • Welding is a local or general heating of two elements, their plastic deformation or a combination of these effects to produce an inseparable compound.
  • Pike is the manufacture of an inseparable compound by adding an intermediate layer with a lower melting point.

Additionally, before, during or after major processes, thermal and chemical methods of exposure, cladding and spraying may be used.

Services and prices

Vulcanus offers the following metal processing services in Moscow:

  • Laser, hydro-abrasive and plasma cutting
  • Cutting, stamping and bending (leaf blanks)
  • Fraser and turning, plumbing
  • Grinding and "sandblasts"
  • Galvanic, powder and enamel coating
  • Construction (mechanical and welding) and marking

To obtain decorative brilliance of hard-to-fill metals and alloys, to increase the durability of the cutting tool and to improve the durability of friction elements in the mechanisms, we recommend using the electric polishing service. This method is implemented using electricity and strong acids, which makes the process very dangerous, so few companies can offer it. Meanwhile, electrolytic polishing is the only way to get the necessary characteristics of the surface layer of parts with a complex configuration. Combined with mechanical polishing, it is possible to reduce processing costs.

All work is carried out by experienced employees on modern equipment according to established standards and technologies. Therefore, the finished product always meets the requirements of the customer, and if necessary, the rules of the GOST. At the request of the customer, it is possible to develop design documentation or metalworking in accordance with the finished project.

Metal processing prices and related services from our company depend on the type, workload, complexity and other factors. A detailed price can be seen on our website or downloaded through a special form. It is possible to deliver finished products and designs by special transport. Orders are accepted online and by email. If you have any questions, call the phone numbers.